With names like Monstre, Cyclone and Tornade, our thrill rides and water slides guarantee pure excitement!

For those who prefer less adrenaline, visit our theme attractions and step back in time and into your imagination... Meet lumberjacks, Indigenous peoples, historical figures from the New France era, and even fairies. And our astronomy observatories are sure to dazzle stargazers.


Some theme attractions are open year-round, but water parks and observatories are open in the summer only.

Did you know?

La Ronde is Québec’s only amusement park.

Amusements, discoveries or the imaginary world?

  • Thrill seekers, here’s something to make your heart race. Our roller coasters at La Ronde Theme Park are dizzily steep and our ziplines in the middle of the forest will have you soaring like birds through the trees. When the adrenaline rises, we live intensely!

    Passagers dans une montagne russe de La Ronde avec vue sur le pont Jacques-Cartier, à Montréal.
  • Our interpretation centres are perfect places to observe and learn. Planetariums, interactive tours, observation of the stars or discovery of the seabed... Everything for the inquisitive.

    Musée scientifique AstroLAB à la tombée de la nuit.
  • What could be better than visiting an interpretation site to understand the lives of people from the past Villages of yesteryear, traditional sites and heritage sites are just a few examples of places that reflect our past, the quest for our history and the people who shaped it.

    Commerçants dans un magasin général d’antan.
  • Whether young or old, imagination is in fantastic world where our dreams come to life. Our amusement parks allow you to explore the enchanted lands of fairies, Alice-in-Wonderland, Snow White, Santa Claus, dinosaurs and other characters or creatures. It features shows, parades and many other attractions.

    Une animatrice du Woodlooliparc anime un groupe d’enfants et d’adultes rassemblés près d’un dinosaure robotisé.

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