For a restful night’s sleep after an activity-packed day, Québec’s hospitality industry offers an array of accommodations.

Depending on your needs and budget, choose one of our B&Bs, motels, charming inns, small hotels or large five-star hotels. If you can’t find what you want, sleeping in your car may be the only option left!


Whatever the season, you’ll find suitable accommodations. Some establishments close during the winter, so it’s best to check before heading there.

Did you know?

Québec offers a vast selection of over 1,450 hotels and 750 B&Bs.

A broad variety of quality accommodations

  • Whether small or large, our hotels offer high quality services and all the comfort needed for an unforgettable stay. With over 1,450 hotels, there is a choice for all tastes and budgets. Sweet dreams!

  • Staying in a B&B lets you meet Québécois in a home setting, whether at a traditional bed and breakfast or in a guest room in the person’s home. Whatever the arrangement, you’ll feel like you’re in your own home!

  • An inn is a place where you can find lodging and a meal. Here, however, it refers to a high-quality hotel that offers a warm welcome and good food. A number of inns are located in the woods, such as outfitters.

  • Many accommodation establishments have taken on the challenge to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Their environmental performance is certified by a program that assigns one to five green keys.

  • To reduce your ecological footprint during a hotel stay, simply turn off the lights and air conditioning, re-use towels, eat local food, use a reusable bottle, limit the shower time and the single-use product consumption. It’s that simple!

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