We know a bit about snowmobiling. We actually invented it!

Our 33,300 km of marked, interconnected, groomed trails let us travel around Québec from one end to the other, passing through spectacular landscapes. And we’re never alone; the St. Lawrence River, snow-laden forests, lakes and rivers are our constant travel companions. Our trails always lead you to comfortable accommodations and delicious food.


Mid-December to mid-March is our typical snowmobiling season. Always be cautious and follow the rules and signage, especially on frozen lakes.

Did you know?

The first “snow machines”—granddaddies of the snowmobile—rolled out of the Bombardier factory in 1936.

What type of snowmobiler are you?

  • In Québec, we love our pure nature and remote wilderness, and our wide-open spaces give snowmobilers the chance to glimpse wildlife in all its glory. Our breathtaking scenery will fulfill your wildest dreams. Take in stunning, panoramic views from our snowy mountaintops and witness beauty like nowhere else in the world.

  • Our trails are exhilarating for snowmobilers with a thirst for adventure and new horizons. Explore our vast boreal forest and travel to magical spots that are inaccessible by road. Are you ready to experience an unforgettable adventure?

  • It’s no secret: Québec is brimming with fabulous restaurants! Even along our snowmobiling routes. What could be better after a day on the trails than to enjoy a gourmet meal? Whether you’re looking for a cottage, B&B, charming inn, hotel or an outfitter, we have it all! And why not take the opportunity to relax in a Nordic spa as you watch the snowflakes flutter down around you?

The world’s must-ride destination

With 33,300 km of marked trails, snowmobiling is endless fun! To discover what our trails have in store for you, this is the place to be.

Where to go snowmobiling?

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