Springtime in Québec

Sweet, sweet spring

The snow is melting. The sun feels warmer. The maple sap is flowing. There’s no denying it... spring has arrived in all its glory and it’s time to get outside at every opportunity and soak up the first warm rays. A brand new season, and it feels like a brand new beginning... for everything!

Each year, we seem to go from snow to sun in a just matter of minutes, and nature puts on a performance unique to Québec. Whether in town or in the country, nature’s colourful displays spring up everywhere.

Where happiness rhymes with maple
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After a stroll in the forest, head to a sugar shack with family or friends for mouth-watering maple-syrup products and traditional dishes served up in friendly surroundings.

Let your curiosity get the better of you
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The spring is a new beginning for the world, making it an ideal time to visit Québec’s many museums. Explore major international exhibitions and, for an even more authentic experience, visit the economuseums to discover Québec know-how.

Enjoy spring on the ski slopes
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Who said that skiing was a winter sport? Definitely not the Québécois! When the weather starts getting nicer, a whole new season begins: springtime skiing. Just put on a sweater and your sunglasses, and you’re all set. You’ll even see some skiing in shorts!

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