Rain or shine, there are plenty of places to have fun and spend an exciting day with your family.

To release excess energy, we love climbing walls, crawling in tubes, jumping, sliding, rolling, surfing waves, hiding and escaping... Ready for games and adventure, children?


Our recreational centres offer year-round entertainment. What could be better for a rainy day?

Did you know?

Surfing can be done indoors in wave pools.

A variety of indoor games for all tastes

  • We love climbing! This is why we offer so many indoor climbing walls. Multi-coloured, small, large, moderately or very steep, our walls allow budding mountaineers to enjoy their passion safely. Scared of heights? No such thing here.

    Vue panoramique d’un centre d’escalade intérieur.
  • Indoor amusement centres delight young and old alike. Young people party there by swimming in ball pools, splashing around on colourful structures or bouncing back and forth like circus acrobats. Games and activities... there is something for everyone. We run, we shout… and it’s allowed!

    Une fillette marche sur un fil de fer au-dessus d’un bassin d’éponges colorées.
  • Our virtual reality centres turn imagination into quasi-reality. Teleported into a parallel universe, we become a fighter pilot, racing car driver, superhero, warrior or explorer of unknown lands... Whether it's shooting or horror games, sporting experiences or immersion in fantastical universes, we are completely transported to another dimension.

    Assis sur un simulateur de réalité virtuelle, un homme vit une expérience de pilote de chasse.
  • Paintball and laser tag centres immerse us in action movie scenarios where survival is essential. Thematic settings make the adventure all the more real: science fiction, Wild West village, urban downtown, forest, tunnels and trenches are just a few examples of the settings offered. No lack of strategy and adrenaline. Watch your back!

    Dans un décor de science-fiction, quatre personnes vêtues d’une armure, d’un fusil laser et de lunettes virtuelles sont plongées dans une aventure de combat.
  • Our time is limited... We must escape at all costs, solve the puzzle or find the person behind the crime. Escape games and immersive adventures are unmatched experiences for groups and families. Only teamwork will allow us to collect the clues and solve the puzzle. No way you want to stay walled in a sinister mansion, a gloomy laboratory, a hotel room, a prison or any other unusual place. Here, theatre mixes with reality. You never know what to expect!

    Trois explorateurs de dunes examinent un livre à la loupe dans une ancienne tente de prospecteur.

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