Discover the world of whales on this route along the St. Lawrence River. Every summer, 13 species come to visit!

After this journey, you’ll be an expert on whales. Interpretation centres, whale-watching sites and cruises await you. You’ll learn that whales can sing, spray, pirouette and say hello with their huge tails!

Check out the official website for the complete route.

880 km

Dotted with picturesque villages and stunning coastal scenery, this route is best taken by car or motorcycle. Cycling buffs are welcome but keep in mind it’s 880 km long...



Day 1

Tadoussac, its bay, beach and whales

Marine Mammals Interpretation Centre

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At the Marine Mammals Interpretation Centre, you can explore the world of whales through videos, games, a skeleton collection, and cetacean acoustics activities. Did you know that whales once walked on land? No? Well they did!

Whale-watching cruises in Tadoussac

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A number of whale-watching cruise companies depart from the Tadoussac quay, including small and large boats. Adventurers typically opt for the Zodiacs, while others prefer larger, well equipped boats.

Day 2

Les Bergeronnes: exceptional lookout

Cap-de-Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre

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Cap-de-Bon-Désir... even the name is magical! Just 30 m from shore, an underwater cliff plummets 200 m into the St. Lawrence, allowing the whales to come close to say hello. Tour the Centre’s exhibition to learn about a lighthouse keeper’s life.

Centre d’interprétation Archéo Topo

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Enjoy an afternoon of archeology, history and nature, the three main topics presented at the Centre d’interprétation Archéo Topo. Discover 8,000 years of human occupation: Paleo-eskimos, Inuits, Basque, English and French

Day 3

Explore the marine environment, by water

Mer et Monde Écotours

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Start your day with a peaceful kayak excursion in the St. Lawrence estuary, with Mer et Monde Écotours. Enjoy a larger-than-life experience, as you paddle along next to huge, granite cliffs, and get sprayed by the wet blast of whales.

Marine Environment Discovery Centre

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Explore one of North America’s most beautiful underwater environments right here. Follow the divers live on a big screen or take the plunge yourself. Just off the shore, the whales will spray a hello to you.

Day 4

Sea views: Portneuf-sur-Mer to Pointe-aux-Outardes

Parc Nature de Pointe-aux-Outardes

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This park gives you wings! Enjoy utter tranquility on the shores of the St. Lawrence, with nine different ecosystems, a sandy beach, trails and a variety of activities. You can even spend the night in a giant birdhouse. Unsual, you say?

Day 5

Multi-sensory experience in Baie-Comeau

Day 6

Night in a lighthouse and history of shipwrecks

Phare de Pointe-des-Monts

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Keeping watch over the St. Lawrence, the Pointe-des-Monts lighthouse offers a seven-storey exhibition on its history and that of the lighthouse keepers who lived there. Climb to the top for a breathtaking view. And why not spend the night!

Musée Louis-Langlois Écomusée de Rivière-Pentecôte

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This beautiful home on the shores of the St. Lawrence houses an exhibition on the shipwreck of Admiral Walker’s fleet in 1711, and another on the history of the Rivière-Pentecôte and Pointe-aux-Anglais villages. Enjoy a stroll on the sandy beach.

Day 7

Science, history and nature in Sept-Îles

Musée régional de la Côte-Nord

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Spend the morning at the Musée régional de la Côte-Nord, where you will learn about the region’s history through ethnology, art, archaeology and natural sciences. Discover 8,000 years of history!

Day 8

Minganie: sweet nature

Chute Manitou

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Stop at the Rivière-au-Tonnerre tourist office to stretch your legs. Take one of the two trails leading to the Manitou waterwall, which stands 35 m high. An impressive sight!

Maison de la Chicoutai

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The cloudberry? Yes, it’s a tangy, orange Nordic fruit. Visit the Maison de la Chicoutai to learn about this berry and its by-products, including jam, coulis and vinaigrette. Take a bit of the Minganie region home with you. Yum!

Day 9

Giants of the St. Lawrence: whales and monoliths

Mingan Island Cetacean Study Visitor Centre

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A biologist will welcome you to the centre, amidst beautiful murals and life-sized whale models. Learn all there is to know about the whales of the St. Lawrence, our giants of the sea.

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

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The Mingan Archipelago will dazzle you with its colossal limestone outcroppings and adorable Atlantic puffins! Take a boat excursion to explore this remote area, and spend the night in an oTENTik tent or at the lighthouse!

Day 10

Reaching the end of Québec

The route from Havre-Saint-Pierre to Natashquan

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For this part of the route, listen to the audio road guide (CD) sold at the Havre-Saint-Pierre tourist information office. It describes the villages and local attractions between Havre-Saint-Pierre and Natashquan. It’s the perfect driving companion!

Home of Gilles Vigneault

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Gilles Vigneault was born in Natashquan. His former home and the school house showcase his life and the personalities who inspired him: Jean du Sud, Mademoiselle Émilie and Jack Monoloy influenced his songs, treasures of our folklore and heritage.

Rub shoulders with our giants on the Whale Route

Visit the official website of the Whale Route before heading out to meet our giants of the seas. Did you see that?!

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