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Gaspésie © TQ/M.Laporte

Local gastronomy

Savour the local gastronomy anywhere in Québec

Québec is a happening gourmet destination! The vitality of its cuisine is displayed in the proliferation of places and events where you can appreciate its many local specificities. Foodie tours, gourmet events, winery and microbrewery visits, street cuisine, and many more… They offer specialities based on the resources associated with Québec (maple syrup, sea products…) and its traditions (stew, shepherd’s pie…). They also promote specialities that come from its multicultural background (bagel, smoked meat…). If gastronomy is a reflection of the local culture, the gastronomy of Québec clearly highlights its cultural diversity! As for the numerous international recognitions granted to the specialities, famed restaurants and chefs from here, they are proof of the quality and variety of the products and of the know-how of Québec.  

For the enjoyment of all who visit Québec, the opportunities to enjoy the same culinary experiences as the “locals” are more numerous and varied than ever. Public markets, gourmet routes in the regions and visits to agritourism farms will give you a chance to discover local products. They also foster the exchanges between the producers and the public at large, in the warmest of atmospheres! What a pleasure it is to find out the story behind the food, to feel the passion of the people who make it and process it! Whether you visit a sugar shack or a fish smokehouse, you will appreciate the authenticity of these artisans who make a contribution to the rich gastronomic heritage of Québec. As for urban gourmet tours, they are to Montréal and Québec what rustic tables are to the regions: opportunities to discover the local specialities of a destination that perfectly marries city and country.

Traditional and comforting, or creative and refined, local gastronomy promises an unforgettable experience for the senses. Anywhere in Québec!

Île d'Orléans © OTQ
Ferme Natibo © TQ/M.Laporte