Québec’s public markets: food for thought!

In a lively ambiance, the multi-coloured stalls overflow with an array of fresh, local products. The bakers, fishmongers, market gardeners and cheesemakers are always delighted to answer your questions. Some will even share recipes for cooking their products. Discover our markets—little communities in and of themselves!


Most markets are open year-round. From May to October, peruse the outdoor stalls brimming with local, seasonal products.

Did you know?

The multicultural Jean-Talon Market has been a lively fixture of Little Italy since 1933.

Know-how and creativity

  • It’s a well-known fact that our cheeses have no reason to envy foreign imports. Québec alone produces over 500 kinds. Whether they are soft, semi-firm, firm, blue-veined or fresh, our cheeses are unequivocally very popular and flavourful. We mustn’t forget to mention cheese curds, a typically Québec product added to our poutines!

  • The daily freeze-thaw cycle of the spring climate allows production of maple sap. Once this resource is transformed, it gives us the maple syrup we cheerfully pour on our pancakes, waffles or French toast. By-products such as maple butter, sugar, caramel, sugar loaf and candy or maple-based alcoholic beverages delight everyone.

  • Raw materials, passion, knowhow and creativity: Québec has everything it takes to produce distinctive alcoholic beverages. We have developed expertise in producing gins, vodkas, rums and must-taste liqueurs made from a blend of Canadian whiskey and maple syrup.

  • Deli meats are constantly growing in Québec. The variety of products offered is impressive. Pastrami, salami, pancetta, capicollo, prosciutto and sausages are only a few examples of the products that can be found behind the counter. Québec deli is a marriage of Indigenous and European traditions prepared with local products by creative and passionate butchers!

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