Roads to discover

Taking the road to adventure

In Québec, all roads lead to discovery. Head out to explore landscapes, listen to tales of the villages, discover well-kept secrets of the lighthouses and taste the many delights of local products. Here, the roads offer you opportunities to listen, experience and taste.

Cuisine, culture, adventure
Québec’s 18 routes

Throwing care to the wind and travelling to whatever destination appeals to you in the moment... that’s a true vacation. Kilometres quickly transform into memories of local flavours and chats with producers as you constantly set out on a new adventure.

A signposted circuit to follow with total freedom

Without a backpack or compass, and simply by closing your eyes, imagine yourself already on an adventure. Culture, festivals, great food and Indigenous traditions await you around every corner.

Travelling at your leisure
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Whether you travel by car, minivan, camper truck, with a trailer or by motorcycle… it’s a lifestyle! You’re off for kilometres of adventure to discover a whole other world, at your own pace.

All-season roads

With each season, a new landscape


Travel over roads under the beaming sun searching for the rich, delicious flavours of local products.


Whether travelling on two or four wheels, take advantage of the fall to fill up on nature and adventure.


In the winter, head out to find the warmth of the locals in the different villages.


Around each corner, discover the different faces of Québec and, in the spring witness the rebirth of an entire world.

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