Natural, authentic and inviting. Nestled between the river and the mountains, this region offers plenty to see... and hear.

With its vast open spaces and unspoiled wilderness, its 10,000 lakes and rivers—yes, they’ve all been counted!—and its waterfalls, Lanaudière is a true paradise for outdoor activities and fishing. Foodies thrive on the local products, and traditional or classical music enthusiasts can choose from an abundance of festivals.

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Did you know?

The arrowhead sash, Lanaudière’s emblem, was worn by the coureurs des bois, our legendary woodsmen.

To be discovered absolutely

Every one of your senses will come alive in Lanaudière: listen to classical music, see incredible wildlife and taste local products.

Festival de Lanaudière

What a wonderful sight: the young and young-at-heart sitting on the grass together listening to classical music at the Festival de Lanaudière, which takes place at an impressive outdoor amphitheatre built to accommodate 8,000 people. The venue’s natural acoustics have seduced thousands of music lovers and musicians from here and abroad.

For five weeks starting in early July, Joliette turns into one big musical picnic ground. Some of Lanaudière’s churches transform into concert halls and the Rolland-Brunelle hall hosts concerts and recitals. To make it easier to attend, the Festival provides shuttle service between Montréal and Joliette. Packages are available including meals, tours of the Musée d’art de Joliette and accommodation. See you there?

It’s North America’s biggest classical music festival.

Auberge du Lac Taureau

You’ll begin to unwind as soon as you turn onto Chemin de la Baie-du-Milieu, leading to the Auberge du Lac Taureau nestled deep in the woods. Set on the shores of Lac Taureau, this four-star log-structure inn oozes luxurious, rustic charm.

Its locally inspired cuisine is nothing short of exquisite, hitting the spot after a day in the great outdoors: choose from more than 30 activities, including mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking and tennis. Or relax at the spa, with a massage, whirlpool bath or sauna... It’s the ideal spot for taking in the lake view.

The Youth Pavilion keeps the kids entertained in a room full of toys.

Goûtez Lanaudière! Agritourism Tours

Foodies: you’ve come to the right place. Here, the producers are not just enthusiastic, they’re downright zealous, treating their farms like living laboratories.

The result is a vast array of local products guaranteed to make any self-respecting epicure’s mouth water. Along the country roads, stop in at livestock, crop and processing farms, all showcasing Lanaudière’s knack for boldly exploring, creating and reinventing.

Restaurants boasting the Goûtez Lanaudière! certification use at least six local products.

Nestled between the river and the mountains, set on verdant plains, in valleys, at the foot of mountains or dotting back roads, the region’s jam makers, butchers, duck and bison farmers, beekeepers and chocolate makers make it their mission to share their love of the land. It’s the perfect spot to visit, stock up, and tantalize your taste buds—so worth the trip!

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With 10,000 lakes and rivers, Lanaudière is an outdoor and fishing paradise.

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