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Use the Trip Planner to bookmark interesting places (cities, tourist attractions) and information, to plan your stay more easily. Want to receive personalized advice for your trip?

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Click on the bookmark icon found on each page to add or remove places and useful information for your trip.

Three ways to start planning your trip


Record the places along an itinerary to personalize your stay


Record the places for practising your favourite activities

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How it works

When you add content to your planner, you can view it here or on the map of Québec.


Add to the planner the places and information you’ll need to plan your trip

  • Find the bookmark icon on our pages
  • Click on the icon to add or remove a bookmark


You can view your saved items at any time via the navigation menu or toolbox:

  1. Click on Map of Québec and then the bookmark icon to see your saved attractions.
  2. Click on Trip Planner to see your all of your saved items.




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