Circus, cinema, humour, music, dance or theatre... our creativity finds expression in many forms.

Original and innovative creators such as Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Robert Lepage (Ex Machina) and Xavier Dolan place Québec centre stage around the world... and there are many others. Our artistic events leave no one indifferent. We know how to put on a good show!


Our artistic events happen year-round. But to attend an outdoor performance in the summer, under the stars, is like being on cloud nine!

Did you know?

Québec has over 200 performance halls and theatres.

A unique and creative culture

  • Everyone should attend a Québec circus at least once in their lifetime. World leaders in the field, Québec circuses began their incredible rise in 1984 with the founding of Cirque du Soleil, which emphasized musicality, theatricality, acrobatics and aerial stunts. Cirque Éloize has also known huge success with its remarkable productions. Numerous circus performances, festivals and events are presented throughout the province year-round.

  • Our cinema is a reflection of the Québec experience... multicultural, creative, expressed in many ways. You can attend over 30 festivals dedicated to the seventh art. Documentary, animation, fantasy, art or children’s films, there’s something for everyone. Our festivals also allow spectators to explore the world, through films from Québec, Brazil, Africa and many other places. We’re curious and eager to discover the treasures of foreign cinema.

  • The Québécois have a great sense of humour and contagious laughter. That’s why there are so many comedians and comedy festivals in Québec. Wherever you may be in the province, there’s bound to be one of our comedians on tour there.

  • Québec is a multicultural province and we love to dance and move to the rhythms of the world. We follow the beat through our numerous dance performances and festivals. Classical, contemporary, modern, traditional, country, social... we have it all and much more. Québec is a land in constant motion!

  • We have big ones and small ones... comedic and dramatic... traditional and experimental. Our theatres also reflect our creativity and diversity. The theatrical genres and our artists are always exploring new directions, for our entertainment pleasure.

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