Outdoor adventures

Here, beauty truly is second nature.

Between the St. Lawrence River, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, wherever you set foot there’s something to charm you and awaken your senses. And in the face of such natural beauty, it’s hard not to fall in love and let your heart follow the rhythm of the seasons.

A living portrait

Whether you want to explore Québec on foot, by bike, on the water or by staying in the heart of the great outdoors, its abundant wilderness opens the door to unlimited possibilities. And with over 260,000 km2 of protected land, this is truly paradise for nature lovers.

Outdoor enthusiasts: venture forth!

Admire the Northern Lights in the Far North, stargaze in the Eastern Townships, climb mountains, explore the forests or re-energize on the shores of a lake—Québec beckons.

Vast swathes of untouched wilderness
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With over 260,000 km2 of national parks, Québec offers endless things to do in the great outdoors and unparalleled contact with our natural treasures. These protected areas of untouched wilderness are accessible to all and can be found throughout the province.

Pedal through mountains and valleys
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In town or in the country, cycling is a great way to explore Québec from a whole new angle. Our 12,000 km of bike paths are characterized by stunning landscapes and a vast array of attractions and amenities that each pedal stroke brings you closer to.

Each season is an adventure

Natural surroundings that change with the seasons


Summer is meant for having fun: make the most of Québec’s abundant outdoor activities.


Observe nature at work as fall’s dazzling and magical colours emerge.


Blanketed in snow, the enchanting winter landscape inspires serenity and warms your heart.


The snow is melting, the sap is running... fresh new growth is burgeoning. In spring, you can experience four seasons in a single day.

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