Bustling cities and festivities

Enjoy the pace of city life

Everyone knows city life is lively. Our bustling neighbourhoods showcase the history, architecture and festivities—our unique cultural heritage—that forge the very character of our creative urban centres.

In Québec, the cities are
bustling day and night

Discover Québec’s cities through their murals, exhibitions and urban art. Taste local products at lively markets, culinary festivals and top-notch restaurants whose daring chefs will tantalize your taste buds. Anyone who loves to dance, move and party will be in their element, day and night.

Live like Québecers

On the program: stroll the streets, shop in the boutiques, admire the urban art, relax in a park or grab a bite at a local restaurant.

Québec City’s treasures
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Ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Québec City is the cradle of French civilization in North America. Strolling its lively, colourful neighbourhoods is a delight.

Montréal, a city of diversity
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Montréal, a lively cosmopolitan hub, is one of the biggest francophone cities in the world. You’ll be amazed by this city—it never sleeps! There’s literally always something to do.

Cities that bustle all year long

There’s so much to do, summer and winter alike


Come summer, festivals abound in celebration of this beautiful season, which everyone lives to the fullest.


When the weather turns cool, the trees in the city’s parks transform into a full palette of colours.


Blanketed in snow, the city streets take on the magic of winter in all its bright white splendour, making for a magnificent stroll!


In Québec, we celebrate every season, and when spring arrives, the sun warms our hearts and the patios start to bustle.

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