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Public markets

What better way to learn all about Québec’s market garden and culinary culture than to visit a public market?

Attentionate and friendly producers!

Come and meet cheerful producers who are always delighted to chat and show off their star products. Enjoy the upbeat, friendly atmosphere and the many different aromas exuding from the market stands, shops and restaurants.

The multi coloured displays carefully assembled by the growers are overflowing with an array of fresh products, including organic produce. Bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, fishmongers, market gardeners, cheese makers… they’re all happy to serve you and answer your questions. Some will even suggest a few recipes for cooking their products.

Public markets are little communities in themselves, ready and waiting to be discovered! Be sure to visit the Jean-Talon Market, nestled in Montréal’s Little Italy. It’s the biggest open-air market in North America, and you’re sure to be charmed by its lively, multi ethnic character.

A few public market suggestions 

Association des marchés publics du Québec - Repertory of Québec markets

Marché Atwater © TQ/L.Turgeon
Marché Jean-Talon © TQ/L. Turgeon